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Update - February 4, 2012

The following message came from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) - 

Based on information from the Better Business Bureau, Woodfield University has a Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:

* 173 complaints filed against business
* Failure to respond to 172 complaints filed against business

Over the last year, I have received so many complaints about Belford and it's clones (Hill University, Woodfield University, etc.) that I decided it was time to say something here...

You will not find Belford University on Google paid search anymore. They are part of a conglomeration of schools operating from the United Arab Emirates with customer service offices in Pakistan. They have a horrible reputation -- which they do not seem to care about.

They do not spend much time under any particular name. Originally, they started as Rochville University and soon after launched Belford. However, that did not last long because they began to get so many complaints that they reinvented themselves as another school. They have about 12 different universities at this time -- all under the same conglomeration -- the Pakistan umbrella.

After hundreds of unanswered complaints about Belford University, they launched Lorenz University, Hill University, Woodfield University, McFord University and more. Exact duplicates!

I soon started to get lots of complaints about Lorenz, I investigated and noticed multiple new schools popping up all with the same look and feel. All operating from Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

I do not know what school they are going to launch next. It's only a matter of time before they shut down the ones that seem to be busy now.

Lately, most of the complaints have been coming from students getting their degrees from Woodfield University and Hill University. As soon as those complaints start to develop and become part of the Better Business Bureau's investigation, I am sure they will launch new schools. The idea is that rather than being a quality university, they open under a new name each time the heat is on.

Each of these schools operate from Pakistan. They sell degrees at a very cheap price. They do not evaluate experience as they claim to. It has been my experience that you can submit anything you want and they will give you a degree. This is not a life experience degree program. Simply pay the money and get your degree.

If you want to know whether or not you will have any future problems with your degree from Woodfield University or Hill University, I suggest you see what happened with Belford University. Read all you can on the Internet about Belford University, and you will understand why they continue to create new schools under new names.

Keep in mind, they have the cheapest product available because they do not actually review the information submitted. They are located outside of the United States and are therefore immune to the laws of the USA. Their operating expenses are extremely low.

They DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.  Their AFTER THE SALE service is non-existent.


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