Pass Christian University

July 2010 update.

My husband recently received an e-mail from Pass Christian University stating that his prior approval at another university could gain him entry and a degree to PCU.

Obviously, I was intrigued. The price was right — $325. Additionally they charge an additional $65 for transcripts with grades. Things are tight now financially but my husband wanted to take advantage of this offer, and so, he did.

Let me share with you my impressions. First, I like the fact that Pass Christian University does not offer life experience degrees directly to the public. Their website is impressive and the courses offered are actual valid legitimate courses. Additionally, they offer true real online degree programs through their website. The fact that they do not advertise life experience degrees makes the value stronger because it is an impressive sight for employers to view.

PCU claims they will be seeking regional accreditation in the near future. Upon further review it appears they are looking at early 2011 before beginning the application process. Additionally, they have explained that once the application process begins, they will no longer be able to accept transfer credits from non-regionally accredited schools such as those listed on my website.

Let me give you all some inside information. Many schools apply for accreditation. The majority are denied. I do not know whether or not PCU will be accepted or denied, however, please be aware that this is a real possibility — the possibility of PCU being denied regional accreditation. In my discussion with them, they have advised me that if they get denied or if they do not raise enough financial capital to even apply, they will pursue other recognized accreditation statuses such as those that are issued specifically to schools that offer specialty programs such as theology or business or computer programming.

My husband was very pleased with his documents from PCU. The transcript was quite impressive with courses laid out in semesters and actual grades and a GPA at the end. Additionally there was a legend on the back and the transcript was watermarked. The watermarking on the transcript was visible only when held up to the light and does not come through on a copy. The edges of the transcript containing the following text: “VERIFY THE WATERMARK OF OUR LOGO — HOLD UP TO LIGHT TO VERIFY — WATERMARK IS VISIBLE FROM BOTH SIDES.”

Additionally, the diploma was nice with a touch of color, although nothing more special than we have seen already with some of the other schools that I have reported on.

My overall impression of the Pass Christian University degree is this: I am not going to hold my breath waiting for accreditation. Nevertheless, for $325 it is a terrific investment. The majority of complaints I’ve heard from other students with these degrees is that they are unaware how to represent the degree to their employer. The PCU degree holds no embarrassment whatsoever. The website is impressive and the degree product is traditional. The fact that it is not accredited might be a sticking point with some employers but not most. Accreditation ALWAYS adds huge fees to the cost of any degree at any university. I have advised my husband to share with his prospective employers that the reason to study for an unaccredited degree was based on finances. After all, if you review the course material of the courses issued by PCU, they are very similar in syllabus to those offered by traditional accredited universities — albeit much less expensive.
Oh, and did I mention the “.edu” as in That alone adds some credibility. See:

Actual scan of degree received.

This is the actual front of the transcript.

Scan of back of transcript

Transcript watermark does not show on a scan….sorry.

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