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These first two are questions that people ask me most often.

QUESTION:  Madison - When my degree from Belford University was not accepted by my employer, I decided to get a degree from Hill University. You can imagine my shock when it looked exactly like my degree from Belford University. Clearly these two companies are the same. Can you tell me which schools are "in bed" with each other? Thanks,  J.

ANSWER: J - Yes. Belford and Hill are part of the same conglomeration of schools that are operated from Pakistan and issue degrees from the United Arab Emirates. They have NO requirements for a degree. Everybody that applies is approved. They have a 100% approval rate.  These are all the same company:

  • Speedy Degrees
  • Belford University
  • Rochville University
  • Lorenz university
  • Hill University
  • Affordable Degrees
  • Ashwood University
  • Corllins University
  • Universal Degrees
  • Woodfield University

QUESTION:  Madison - what do I do if I am interviewing for a job and they ask me how I got my degree? Do I lie to them and tell them I went to one of these schools and attended in person or do I simply tell the truth and then fear losing the job or getting laughed at? Thanks,  Al

ANSWER: This an excellent question. I have been asked this many times before. I have always felt that honesty is best when representing your Life Experience degree, BUT there is another interesting take on this. Check out the answer to this question on the About Life Experience Degrees website. (Hey texasprime -- thanks for the plug!)

QUESTION:  Madison - So I see that you got degrees from all these schools. Did you use any of them in business and did it help?

ANSWER: I have already been accused of working for one of these schools so I am not going to say which one I decided to bring to my employer. I am not endorsing any of them -- I am just trying to provide information.  When I presented my degree to my employer they asked no questions at all. They added it to my personnel file and updated my online employee record. When the time comes (and I hear it's coming soon) that they require all district managers to hold a bachelor degree or higher, I won't even be questioned. The "4 year degree or better" box is now checked on my online employee record in the company database. The degree did for me EXACTLY what I hoped it would.

QUESTION: Hello Madison - I read your reviews about different online schools. WOW.. I fell for the Belford High School. It looks as if Belford High School and Rochville are one in the same?  Wonder if this will get me into college or did I waste 210.00 dollar? Looks like I tossed it out of the window for some bogus piece of paper. I did however pay for it with my credit card, not debit or check.. Wonder if they will back me up to get my money back?

ANSWER: Thanks for writing. You have sent some really interesting information. I didn't even know Belford operated a high school. Good luck getting your money back -- and PLEASE keep me posted.

                          ~~ UPDATE TO THIS STORY FROM THE SAME PERSON ~~

QUESTION:  This is sad that these scum bags can legally rip people off. I called them and they said that they will not refund my money. It is a big mess or will be soon. I paid for it with my credit card, so they might back me... I hope.. How can we shut these people down?  WOW, you have plenty of bachelor degrees these days! :-) Maybe I ask why you sent off for all of these, just to investigate them? You have a very good web site I might add, too bad I didn't see it before paying 210.00 dollars of my hard earned money.

ANSWER: Thanks for sharing this information.


Click here to see Belford's BBB report (opens in a new window)

Hey readers -- I have a question for you. How are you finding me? I have searched Google high and low and cannot find this website unless I specifically search for "degreeinspector".  I know it's out there and I get lots of hits. Are you finding me through About Life Experience Degrees? Please let me know. I look forward to your e-mail.

- Madison

My e-mail address is shown as an image and not a link. This prevents web spiders from finding my e-mail address and helps me curb spam. Now I read EVERY e-mail and have no spam filter (because I don't need one).


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