My experience in applying for a Life Experience degree from different online colleges. Legitimacy and credibility of Almeda University, Suffield University, Hill University, Woodfield University, Belford University, Glendale University, Rochville University, and Belford University

My name is Madison and I wrote this site to share my experience in applying for a Life Experience degree from seven different online colleges. I wanted a Life Experience degree because I feel I deserve one for all of my work experience and skills, but I wanted to be sure to get the best one I could. I want one that companies recognize and don’t question—one they respect and accept. Also, I wanted to make sure the college really read my experiences and didn’t just offer me a degree because I have the money to pay for it. So I decided to get seven of them, have a look at everything they sent keep the best and return the rest. I have documented exactly what happened with each college and the end result of my objective search for the best Life Experience degree available today.

I started by searching the internet using different search phrases and search engines, looking for the seven biggest, best Life Experience colleges. I chose these: Almeda, Belford, Colton, Glendale, Redding, Rochville, and Suffield.

I wrote an email asking each the same question: “What exactly do you look at in my life experience to determine if I deserve a degree or not?

Then I sent in my “experiences” as “I work real hard for along time at Dairy Queen.” In most cases this was enough to “approve” me for the degree I was seeking (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration). A few of the schools, however, said they needed more info. The schools that needed more info received my full resume.

I set this site up so that you can either search for the school or search by the product.

Send me an e-mail and tell me what you think or if you feel there is something else that should be added to the website.

Enjoy reading this. I enjoyed putting it all together.

- Madison

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